About FSO: Board of Directors

Carl Taylor, president

Carl Taylor is pleased to serve on the Board of the Flagstaff Symphony because he believes that our town needs and deserves a first-class orchestra.  The Flagstaff Symphony was one of the major attractors for he and his wife Holly when choosing where they wanted to live after selling their architectural and engineering business in Atlanta. They became members of the Symphony Association shortly after their arrival and have continued to support and enjoy the Symphony since then.

This is Carl’s second round of service on the FSO Board.  During the first time, he served as Board President two years in a row.  He was happy to be asked to rejoin the Board in the current time of transition and opportunity.

Carl’s interest and enthusiasm for music is attributable to his mother, a music teacher who helped him to appreciate music from an early age. He studied the piano for a number of years, sang in formal and informal performance groups during high school, sang in a college glee club and is now proud to sing with the Flagstaff Master Chorale.

Carl’s professional background includes designing and managing strategic organizational plans for institutional and corporate clients. Hopefully, this will be of value for the Flagstaff Symphony. As Board President-Elect, he would like to focus on long-range planning and continuing to strengthen the bond between the community, the musicians and the Board of Directors.

Molly Munger, president elect

Bio to come

Hanna Cortner, treasurer

While she enjoyed ballet lessons as a youth, and the wonderful experiences she had as a clarinetist with her high school band, Hanna wasn’t good enough at either to go much further, so instead she became an academic specializing in water and forest policy. Currently retired, Hanna held professorial appointments at both the University of Arizona and NAU, and visiting policy analyst positions with the USDA Forest Service and the US Army Corps of Engineers. She is also on the board of directors of the Washington, DC- based Pinchot Institute for Conservation, second vice-president of the Flagstaff Symphony Guild, and a member of the Flagstaff Water Commission. Hanna and her husband Richard have lived in Flagstaff since 2011.

Beatrice Cooley, secretary

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  • 2014-15 Directors (as of 05/8/2014)

  • Bryan Bates
  • Cyndi Becker, ex-officio to Guild
  • Joshua Butler
  • Janie Cook
  • Bea Cooley, Secretary
  • Hanna Cortner, Treasurer
  • Wendy Edwards
  • Helen Hudgens Ferrell
  • Michael Kitt
  • Jude Mack, Guild President
  • Lanny Morrison
  • Molly Munger, President elect
  • Cheryl Ossenfort
  • Nando Schellen
  • Nancy Sullivan, ex-officio Orchestra Liaison
  • Todd Sullivan
  • Carl Taylor, President
  • Michael Vincent, ex-officio NAU
  • Phyllis Wolfskill
  • Directors Emeritus

  • Irene Alpert
  • Elizabeth Archuleta
  • Beverly Armstrong
  • Helen Black
  • Ted Bowell
  • Irene Croft
  • John Cummings
  • Will Duncan
  • Kathleen Franklin
  • Mary Hostetler
  • Lela Montfort
  • Bill Morrison
  • Richard Neville
  • Hal Stern
  • Carl Taylor
  • Peter Wainwright
  • Tom Ward
  • Jean Wilcox
  • Harvey Bershader