Who plays in the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra?

The men and women of the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra are members of our community. They teach in our schools and at NAU, they manage businesses, they are students, and parents, and neighbors. And they are all professional musicians who bring their skill, passion, and talent to the stage.

2018 – 2019 Orchestra Roster Contracted Players


Louise Scott, concertmaster
Sponsored Chair In Memorium for Geri Wainwright

Shelley Rich, principal

Vanessa Miller
Mary and Roger Hostetler Sponsored Chair

Loralyn Staples

Rachel Butherus

Tom Ginsberg

Leslie Vining

Gabrielle Getty
Otto and Gallina Franz Sponsored Chair

Danae Nieto

Courtney Petersen

Brittney Nichols

Karin Hallberg, principal

Dinah Smith

Sara Bendel Ryan

Leticia Velasco

Kylie Ahern

Mimi Papp

Lauralee Reber

Desmond Slu

Hanne Kariniemi

Allison Parks


Jacquelyn Schwandt, principal

Cindy S. Binkley

Rick Knous

Ryn Haubner-Sheridan

Kim Sullivan

David Koerner

Neelee Brauner
Edward Bowell and Anne-Marie Malotki Sponsored Chair

Jackson Bailey


Andrew Hamby, principal
Nadene Bean Endowed Chair

Mary Nebel
Jude Mack Sponsored Chair

Sheryl Vrba

Emma Crislip

Mary Anne Bruner
Gene and Molly Munger Sponsored Chair

Donna Natseway

Travis Brown


Chris Finet, Principal

Jason Roederer

Dylan Holly

Lance Roederer

Eric Nakamoto

Jason Howard


Rita Borden, Principal


Jeannette Moore, Principal
Sponsored Chair by Purl in the Pines, in honor of Anna Fisher-Roberts

Rebecca Romo

Andrea Graves
Phyllis and Sam Wolfskill Sponsored Chair


Rebecca Kemper Scarnati, principal
Karen Kitt Endowed Chair

Ruth Solin

English Horn

Jane Hall, Principal


Jon Eder, Principal

Sheila White

Mary Jackson


Kent Moore, Principal

David Bruner

John Briggs


Nancy Sullivan, principal
Silveus Family Sponsored Chair

Mary Schlanger
EV Enterprises LLC Sponsored Chair

Athena Blue

Charlotte Swank

Tim Ellenberger


Cindy Gould, principal
Ossenfort Family Sponsored Chair

Carrie Colvard

Dean Garner


David Vining, principal

David Martinez

Tim McKay


Albert Harclerode, principal
Max Jerrell Sponsored Chair


Maria Flurry, principal
Mary Brooker and Ann Johnson Sponsored Chair


Benjamin Irons, principal

Matt Timman