Advertise in our Season 74 Digital Program!


With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, we have decided to adopt a digital-only format for our Season 74 program. This innovative approach will offer an interactive design, making it effortless for patrons to navigate the program with a smooth scrolling experience, ensuring easy access to the information they seek.

What’s more, we now have the capability to hyperlink your ads and even incorporate video content! This exciting new format guarantees increased visibility and engagement for your advertisements.

The digital program will feature:

  • Hyperlinked ads/logos for all businesses
  • “Earmarks” – Interactive musical facts and playlists with an engaging visual campaign throughout the program
  • An active online audience and high impressions. Opportunity for thousands more people to view your ad!

Digital sponsorship opportunities:

  • Premium Plus: $2700  Equivalent to full-page ad. These ads will be placed after the title page and before each concert program. Gifs are allowed.
  • Premium Ads: $1800  Equivalent to full-page ad. These ads are placed within concert notes. Gifs are allowed.
  • Run of Book Ads/Full Page: $1400 Equivalent to full-page ad. Run of book placement.
  • Run of Book Ads/Half Page: $750 Equivalent to half-page ad. Run of book placement.
  • Banner Ads: $600 Equivalent to quarter-page ad. Run of book placement.
  • Logo Placement: $300 Logo is placed within a group (with other logos). Run of book placement.
  • Earmark Sponsorship: $350 Logo placement near special concert content such as trivia, videos, playlists, and photos. Available to only three sponsors per concert.


Previous advertisers receive a 10% discount on same-size ads OR a 15% discount on upgraded ads.


Payment and artwork are due two weeks after reserving your digital ad.

Artwork Specifications

Submit in digital format as a web-quality JPEG, PNG, or GIF file. The minimum resolution should be 72 dpi AT THE ACTUAL SIZE. The color should be RGB. Submit ad artwork to For questions regarding artwork, call 602-930-1031.