Who plays in the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra?

The men and women of the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra are members of our community. They teach in our schools and at NAU, they manage businesses, they are students, and parents, and neighbors. And they are all professional musicians who bring their skill, passion, and talent to the stage.

Sponsor a Musician!

Our talented musicians are the lifeblood of the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra. Each one is a passionate artist who is dedicated to making the most inspiring and moving music for you.

Participating in the FSO Sponsor a Chair Program personalizes your orchestra experience and brings a new perspective to the music you love. Whether you have an affinity for a particular instrument or player, you will enjoy a sense of inclusion as you watch and listen to the FSO and your sponsored musician.

Sponsor A Chair

2023-2024 Orchestra Contracted Players


Ikuko Kanda, Concertmaster

Karin Hallberg, Assistant Concertmaster

The NARBHA Institute Sponsored Chair

Louise Scott, Assistant Concertmaster

Loralyn Staples

Vanessa Miller

Jennifer Thomas Sponsored Chair

Sara Bendel Ryan

Dr. Cindy Martin, In Honor of John Martin Sponsored Chair

Rachel Butherus

Kylie Ahern

Allison O'Bryant

Anonymously Sponsored Chair

Desmond Siu

Anne and Dave Dickman Sponsored Chair

Allison Parks

Sara May Wilbur

David and Donna Fitzgerald Sponsored Chair

Anne S. Schreiber

Lori and George Schreiber Sponsored Chair

Elenor Rushall

David and Jana Gorham Sponsored Chair

Leticia Velasco

Katelin Makowsky

Deborah and Paul Holbrook Sponsored Chair

Sophia Corradi

Zoe Baker

Shelby Masson


Jacquelyn Schwandt, Principal

Anonymous Sponsored Chair

Cindy Stewart Binkley

Roger and Lynn Perkins Sponsored Chair

David Koerner

J Michael Cruz and Kevin Gustafson Sponsored Chair

Rick Knous

John and Cheryl Ossenfort Sponsored Chair

Christine Kowalski

Christine Kowalski

Mary Brooker Horgan Sponsored Chair

Jacob Kupanoff

Jacob Kupanoff


Andrew Hamby, Principal

Nadene Bean Endowed Chair

Mary Anne Bruner

Molly and Gene Munger Sponsored Chair

Donna Natseway

Mike Loven Sponsored Chair

Mary Nebel

Jude Mack Sponsored Chair

Sheryl Vrba

Richard and Celia Holm Sponsored Chair

Emma Riebe

Jennifer Thomas Sponsored Chair

Billy Glaser

Anne-Marie Malotki and Ted Bowell Sponsored Chair


Christopher Finet, Principal

Lance Roederer

Jennifer Thomas Sponsored Chair

Jason Roederer

Jason Howard

Noah Edwards

Deborah and Paul Holbrook Sponsored Chair

Brice Grande

Richard Schriber Sponsored Chair

Meghan Wheeler


Jeannette Hirasawa Moore, Principal

Mary and Roger Hostetler Endowed Chair

Andrea Graves

Phyllis and Sam Wolfskill Sponsored Chair

Rebecca Romo

Deborah and Paul Holbrook Sponsored Chair


Rebecca Kemper Scarnati, Principal

Karen Kitt Endowed Chair

Ruth Solin


Cris Inguanti, Principal

Mary Jackson, Associate Principal

Sheila White

Mary Brooker Horgan Sponsored Chair


David Bruner


Nancy Sullivan, Principal

Roger and Donna Muhlenkamp Sponsored Chair

Charlotte Swank

Abigail Webster

Caitlin McCready

Tim Ellenberger

Brenda Silveus Sponsored Chair


Cindy Gould, Principal

William Nietmann Sponsored Chair

Dean Garner

Richard and Hanna Cortner Sponsored Chair


David Vining, Principal

Tim McKay

Carl and Holly Taylor Sponsored Chair

William Whitten

Deborah and Paul Holbrook Sponsored Chair


Albert Harclerode, Principal

"In Memory of Max Jerrell" Sponsored Chair


Maria Flurry, Principal

William and Gisela Kluwin Sponsored Chair


Brian Hanner, Principal

Paul Gibson

Abby Fisher

Matt Timman

Matt Timman


Rita Borden, Principal