An online class to strengthen your music listening skills and experience concerts like never before!

Course Description

In 4 interactive sessions you will be given a set of skills that will help you get more out of any concert situation. Think of it like adding different filters to enhance certain aspects of the music.

Musicologist Stephanie Stallings will guide participants through the process of listening and draw them out on their reactions and impressions.

No assignments will be given outside of class time, but suggested listening lists will be provided for those who would like to strengthen their new skills.

WHO: Newcomers to experienced music lovers welcome

WHERE: Online, with recordings available on demand (meeting details provided upon registration)

WHEN: Fall 2022, dates and times TBA

COST: $90
(100% of your registration fee supports the concerts and music education programs of the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra.)

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About the Host

Stephanie Stallings, PhD, is a Lecturer in Music History at Northern Arizona University. Since 2009, she has focused on developing thoughtful programs that deepen engagement with the community while centering art and music.

“Every course I teach aims to help people find ways to place the music they hear into contexts in which that music becomes meaningful, relevant, revelatory–in which music becomes both the topic of discussion and the means by which all of us can learn from one another.”